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Have you guys heard about Choon ? A new player in music industry

I just LOVE their idea and concept. I’m amazed how there is so little talk about Choon in Steemit. This is fairly new projects so you are in a luck to get on board so early 🙂

Choon wants to re-invent music industry by cutting out the middleman and giving cryptocurrency directly to artists. Record labels are replaced by listeners who curate thru new music and make playlists and promote them to wider audience. Artists determine how much % of NOTES will be given to playlist owner. First year, listening is free and ad-free

Choon distributes tokens similar way Steem does. Every day 375 000 NOTES are distributed among artists whose music was listened/streamed/mined on that day. Choon recently finished successful ICO and 10 000 NOTES where worth about 1 ETH. Price of course is going to rise in the future.

Start chooning and register an account thru this link, to avoid waiting list.

Check out my curated playlists, to get you going 🙂


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