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I learned to create artificial sunflare on photos, heres how

I never knew its that simple to create nice sunny feel in Lightroom.

Here’s my sun flare preset. You can use it with Adjustment  Brush,  Radial filter or with Graduated filter(my favourite). Use same stats and save it as your own preset, that you can use later on. Only thing you HAVE to adjust is exposure, according to photos lighting.


To make thing easier for your, grab a preset here. On PC, copy it into folder:

C:\Users\*YourUsername*\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Local Adjustment Presets

Worth noting is that you need at least some light source to give it a “legit” look. Use that preset to amplify that source.


Here some photos I beefed up




Anyone know what these last 2 mushrooms are ? I suspect its Leccinum scabrum, but not sure. Anyway, i boiled them properly and made kottlets out of them. 2nd day in and i haven’t died 😀

If you got better way to make sunny glow, let us know 🙂


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