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Incredibly slow car ride to Laidunina lighthouse in Saaremaa #Ulog3

Me and my girl just love old lighthouses. There’s something serene in them, knowing that for years there was one man living in the edge of civilization, maintaining it and helping ships find their way to home – and that for years, every day and night. But not with this one – it was functional only for almost 2 decades until it was decided that built location is not justified and doesn’t serve the purpose (dunno why). This, more than 100 years old, lighthouse was built in 1907 and deactivated 1924, after that it was used as a daymark for ships to make daytime navigating little bit easier.



Getting there was an adventure itself. Small road that lead us there, was in so bad shape that it took about AN HOUR with a car to cross 10km. Huge potholes, tight navigation between rocks and sharp junipers made it challenging. Luckily I rented cheapest(14€ a day) car possible,thru p2p rent, that owner didn’t even blink an eye if he saw massive scratches on his 20-year-old Saab 9-5 🙂



2005 it was recognised as cultural monument of Estonia and recently they started renovating and supporting it with beams. I doubt thou that they will ever let people on top, but you never know 🙂


My sunshine


If you are interested in visiting it, here are the coordinates, but be warned, road to there can be nerve eating. Some off-roader can save you some time, but you will not be leaving with the same car 😉



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