Collecting mushrooms with rented electric car #Ulog4


Got inspired of @bescouted photos to use flash in forest at middle of the day. Couldn’t wait any longer so i convinced my SO that we need some mushrooms to make kottletis and sauce for buckwheat. We knew that it’s not the season yet, but walking in clean forest is already rewarding enough. To make thing interesting i rented an electric car(38€ per day) that can go up to 100 km with full tank. In Estonia you can easily rent electric car with your phone and charge it free in over 167 charging stations(for small country Estonia it’s far enough). Mushrooming spot was about 60 km from Tallinn and oh how wrong i was about the mileage. Little Nissan Leaf only handled 60km, so we made a stop in gas station to fill it up. After finishing our hot dogs, the tank was charged to 90%. Amazingly fast, took about 20 minutes from 20% to 90%!

Plan was to drive deep in the forest, in hope that there’s more mushrooms. In first 30 minutes we found this cutie


Leccinum scabrum aka Red-capped scaber stalk


A very edible mushroom that’s one of my favourites. It doesn’t need any boiling and is delicious in sauces. Just add some butter on pan and fry it 10 minutes. DELICIOUS!

First photo is without flash. Bottom one was done with my SO holding flash above it with 45 degree angle.


Soon after we started finding more mushrooms and got so excited that I forgot that I came here to make photos 😀 Small dopamine shots that you get by seeing new mushrooms makes you more focused on the goal and you forget everything else. Luckily I marked our car on Google maps, so we had no trouble finding it later 🙂

On our way back to car we noticed a mushroom that I couldn’t classify, but because it looked legit and was pretty big, we took it anyway 🙂


Leccinum scabrum aka birch bolete aka scaber stalk


SO found a cute frog that she wanted to catch and demanded that i take a photo with the frog on top of mushroom. Who can argue with her, it looked cute AF 🙂


Birch bolete with cute frog


I’m still not sure if it’s Birch boletes. Just in case i boiled it for 10 minutes and used it in kottletis. In hindsight i can tell they weren’t poisonous 🙂



This one my SO hold flash almost above the tree trunk. Looks ominous 😛


Somebody lost their scoop net 🙁


Sunset was close and we decided to find our way out of the forest. We had travel so deep in forest that even google maps didn’t show any roads to direct us out. So we had to do it old school.

Car showed that we had 30 km left, so we had to preserver every energy we had. Turned off radio, display, lights and tried to keep speed steady as possible. With little sun shining between clouds we managed to pinpoint north and approximate direction where highway might be. Unfortunately the road we chose lead us to dead-end and wasted 10km of electricity.

After big fuck up we decided to do some more research before we move anywhere. After 20 minutes of intense reading i found old website that was funded by Estonian government where all small roads where charted. Even with knowledge which road to take, we still were in a pickle, because we had 20 km left and highway was about 13 km and from there we had to drive to gas station to charge our car, which was about  5 km. Of course i knew that car has small emergency battery somewhere, but nowhere to know how much it would help us.

Sunset was over and i had to turn on lights to at least see some road and to scare of any possible bears. Lights lost us 3 km. When all hope was lost and we had 6 km left, we started to hear sweet sound of highway – civilization. One thing i didn’t calculate is that it’s not that easy to turn back in highway. We could see gas station with our eyes but to get there we had to do 4km detour. By the time we arrived there, car had only 1 km left. Felt like a movie, where bombs counter stops exactly on 1 😀 What an adventure it was. 10/10 would try it again!

Results: about half a bucket of mushrooms, mostly boletes, some milk mushrooms and few golden chanterelle. Enough for 2 coarse meal 🙂

Next time we are planning to grab a tent, to do some mushroom picking at daytime and star time lapses at night. Keep mushrooming 😉


  • Aperture: ƒ/10
  • Camera: Canon EOS 6D
  • Taken: 19 August, 2018
  • Flash fired: no
  • Focal length: 105mm
  • ISO: 4000
  • Shutter speed: 1/125s

Incredibly slow car ride to Laidunina lighthouse in Saaremaa #Ulog3

Me and my girl just love old lighthouses. There’s something serene in them, knowing that for years there was one man living in the edge of civilization, maintaining it and helping ships find their way to home – and that for years, every day and night. But not with this one – it was functional only for almost 2 decades until it was decided that built location is not justified and doesn’t serve the purpose (dunno why). This, more than 100 years old, lighthouse was built in 1907 and deactivated 1924, after that it was used as a daymark for ships to make daytime navigating little bit easier.



Getting there was an adventure itself. Small road that lead us there, was in so bad shape that it took about AN HOUR with a car to cross 10km. Huge potholes, tight navigation between rocks and sharp junipers made it challenging. Luckily I rented cheapest(14€ a day) car possible,thru p2p rent, that owner didn’t even blink an eye if he saw massive scratches on his 20-year-old Saab 9-5 🙂



2005 it was recognised as cultural monument of Estonia and recently they started renovating and supporting it with beams. I doubt thou that they will ever let people on top, but you never know 🙂


My sunshine


If you are interested in visiting it, here are the coordinates, but be warned, road to there can be nerve eating. Some off-roader can save you some time, but you will not be leaving with the same car 😉


  • Aperture: ƒ/11
  • Camera: Canon EOS 6D
  • Taken: 12 July, 2018
  • Flash fired: no
  • Focal length: 15mm
  • ISO: 250
  • Shutter speed: 1/320s

Shooting stars in the summer and what i learned from it #Ulog2

Decided to spend a week at friends summer-house near Tartu, where the whole small town is built around the observatory. Quiet and mostly with low light pollution, it was one of the best places in Estonia to shoot stars in summer.


center of milky way galaxy and Tartu-Tõravere Meteorological Station


tartu weather station
Weather station with center of Milky way galaxy


When I was done with camera set-up, the telescope turned on and directed itself to Milky way


telescope and milky way
Tartu observatory and outer side of the Milky way galaxy


On Other side of the telescope, you can see what it was investigating


Center of Milky way galaxy
Center of Milky way galaxy


Wanted to try some light painting with bike flash, but it was too damn dark to position me to the center of telescope. That’s the closest I got 🙂 Next time I’LL use my portable flash so it will catch less movement and get sharper shot of the model


Small telescopes
Small telescopes near Tartu observatory
This was my first try on capturing night sky and i’ve learned a lot! I’d list them here for readers not to repeat my mistakes


  • Use highest ISO possible(not max, highest that doesn’t have too much noise). For my Canon 6D it was ISO-6400
  • Don’t focus to infinity, turn back the notch just a little bit.
  • If possible don’t use wide aperture, my f/2.5 didn’t keep everything crispy and sharp. Next time I’ll turn it up one step.
  • Make panoramas for WOW effect.
  • Dont go over 30 sec shutter, it will leave trails. Best results were with 25-28 sec
  • Lightroom has a Dehaze slider, use it to make stars pop up even more 🙂
  • Don’t drink and/or smoke grass !!!




How to deal with scorching heat wave ? GO BIKING | ULOG #1

Here in Tallinn things are getting out of hand and my cheap 30$ ventilator doesn’t do the trick anymore. For every situation there’s always a solution; for escaping burning sun, it is to dive head in, flip the sun, and bike around.

My first intention was to go out, bike with my bud and consume cold beverages, so I didn’t really capture everything I saw, sorry for mediocre reportage.

First stop was Paljassaare (naked island) reservoir near Tallinn. For our surprise it had new inhabitants. Cows were brought here recently to get rid of excessive reed in the coastline and keep people from entering birds protection area. Cows of course were really curious to see creatures from other side of the fence.


Some looked very cute and goofy



Some just friking weird



After some adventures we found an abandoned building. No idea what it’s purpose was, but I took this odd photo of 2 kayakers



Road that lead us there



After that we saw some interesting places, but beverages were kicking in and I had too much fun so couldn’t think about making photos. 4 hours later we landed in park near Tallinn University of Technology and started to burn some “greenery”. In some point I saw small brave evergreen tree and thought I have to record this cutie to blockchain



Another 4 hours later, sun was setting, but it still was warm, so we decided to continue drinking outside near a cool hipster bar F-hoone (after 10pm the only way to buy beer is in bars).


3 hours later none of us had energy left and we decided to HFS (home-fap-sleep)
Good night 🙂