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HRD Square International

Virtual Roundtables Program with 1-hour sessions taking place four times a week. Hosted on Microsoft Teams.
Q&A Paid tickets 50+ Participants
This event program was created by our client from Italy - HRC International Group. Program pilot was launched in September 2020 and ran for four month. ImpactWolf production team helped HRC with launching this program and developed a streamlined events production process. The pilot was a success and HRC continued the program producing events in house, using blueprints developed by ImpactWolf. Here is program landing page and the brochure from 2020. Recording of the sessions are available only to paying users of the HRC platform.

Material Health Open Innovation Symposiums

Scientific Symposium with speaker presentations and intermittent Q&A sessions. Hosted on Zoom Webinars and on Zoom Meetings.
Q&A Breakout rooms 200+ Participants
This event was organized by our client from USA - HPD Collaborative and took place on November 16, 2021. The event was 6 hours long and had 1 moderator and 16 speakers. ImpactWolf production team ensured smooth running of the event and provided complete platform management and technical support to the moderator, speakers and participants. Here is event landing page and the recording of the first session. All recordings are available on the landing page.

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